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Preschool: Playtime
By Children's Ministry Staff
December 13, 2017

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.”  
– George Bernard Shaw


Most of us have probably heard that quote before. As adults, we can forget how important playtime is to kids. We live in a time of rushing and busyness. Rushing to get from place to place and rushing our kids to grow up. Sometimes we forget to let our child just be a kid. 


However, playtime is crucial in the development of toddlers and preschoolers. Unstructured, free playtime is not only healthy, but essential for children in reaching important social, emotional and cognitive development milestones.


Think about this situation. Your child is playing happily. Someone asks you what they are doing? Your response? “Oh, they’re just playing.” Just playing. Almost like we are implying that what our child is doing is somehow unimportant and not a big deal. We are learning though, playtime is so important in the development of children. What they are doing may seem silly or simple to us, but it could be teaching your child valuable life lessons. This month, we are going to examine the importance of playtime.


Let’s be honest. Our lives are busy. People are on the go all the time and everyone is in a hurry. We all have something to do. Little kids, just want to play and have fun. This is often overlooked in our rush to get things done. 

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Kids: The Importance of a Childhood Inventory
By Children's Ministry Staff
December 13, 2017

This month’s video focuses on a unique topic, and perhaps even a little bit painful for some, called a “childhood inventory.” However, it’s a good exercise, and may be one of the most healing things you can do for yourself that will spill over into how you parent your children.


The most significant thing to remember as a parent is that it is okay to make mistakes—in fact, every parent in the world has this in common! Be careful not to hold yourself to a standard of perfection that no parent can ever attain. However, when you do slip, take the necessary steps to avoid repeating those mistakes again.


Also, make sure to let yourself heal if you have a painful past. It might be hard, and it may involve seeking out a therapist who can work with you through your past. However, doing so is vital to raising emotionally stable children. Addressing any trauma you had as a child can make all the difference in how you parent today.


Seek out advice from trusted friends, family members or a family doctor. 
Your childhood has shaped you more than you may know. Likewise, how you parent will mold your child. But be encouraged! It’s absolutely possible to break from the past and begin the cycle of loving, Godly parenting—despite your personal childhood experiences. You might need a little assistance getting there.

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babyZone: Jesus Was a Baby
By Children's Ministry Staff
December 13, 2017

“His name is Jesus.” Luke 1:31

This month we will help your child:

  • Hear words and songs about the birth of Jesus;
  • Feel glad that Jesus was born;
  • Play with toys and materials to learn about the birth of Jesus

Tell It!

Jesus Was Born

Mary held her baby.
Her baby’s name was Jesus.
She rocked Him gently in her arms.
And sang a quiet song to Him.
Joseph held baby Jesus
And watched Him wiggle and laugh.
All through every day, and all
through every night,
Mary and Joseph loved and 
cared for baby Jesus.
We are glad baby Jesus was born.
Luke 2:4-7

Sing It!

Happy Birthday, Jesus! (Tune: “Jesus loves Me”)

It’s Jesus’ birthday, time to sing!
Shake the bells and make the ring.
Let’s all sing a happy song.
Bring your drums and march along.

Happy birthday, Jesus, happy birthday, Jesus,
Happy birthday, Jesus.
We sing this happy song.

Sing this song and shake jingle bells. When your child shows interest, give him or her some child-safe bells to play as you sing. Sing the song several times while walking around the room. If your child is interested, encourage him or her to follow you. Say, “It’s fun to sing about Jesus! I’m glad Jesus was born!”

Do It!

Look Into the Stable

Look into the stable now.
Who do you see?
I see baby Jesus sleeping
In Mary’s arms.

Look into the stable now.
What do you hear?
I hear baby Jesus laughing
In Joseph’s arms.

Before doing this finger play, show your child a picture of baby Jesus in the manager from a picture book or Christmas card. Or purchase a nativity scene (be certain it is unbreakable and has large pieces) for your child to look at and handle. Then do the finger play with your child. If your child is interested in what you are doing, ask,” How do you rock a baby?” Let your child show you how by pretending to rock a baby. “Show me how a baby laughs.” Enjoy and imitate your child’s sounds. “It’s fun to laugh together. We’re happy because Jesus was born. We love Jesus.”

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KidZone Scripture Verses: Dec 17 - Jan 7
By Children's Ministry Staff
December 13, 2017


Last KidZone for this year!
December 17 - Shepherds Meet Jesus - Luke 2:6-20
Memory Verse: “Glory to God in the highest.” Luke 2:14

January 7 – KidZone Resumes


Last KidZone for this year!
December 17 – God’s Unstoppable Gift – Luke 2:10
Focus: Children will learn that God loves us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus. He left Heaven and came down to earth in the form of a baby.
Memory Verse: “But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news. It will bring great joy for all the people.” Luke 2:10

January 7 – KidZone Resumes


Last KidZone for this year!
December 17 – Christmas Lesson

January 7 – KidZone Resumes

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December 06, 2017

There have been seasons in our house where it’s felt more like a battlefield than a home. Tempers flare and pride takes front and center, leaving someone wounded in the end. Our family isn’t perfect. I’m learning that in the heat of the battle, it is better served for us as parents to set aside our tempers and pride and take to heart exactly what we’re fighting for. Author Carey Nieuwhof says it well, “When you fight with people, relationships are jeopardized. When you fight for people, relationships are prioritized.”

Worth Fighting For
If you’re a parent, it’s guaranteed you’ll face battles with your teens. It seems like it’s the nature of these transition years. It’s easy to get caught up in winning and forcing the correct behaviour, but something can easily be lost in the process—your child’s heart. Nieuwhof continues, “Every family fights, but there is a world of difference between when you fight with someone and when you fight for someone.” Implement a new parenting value that a trusted relationship between you and your teen is more important than rules. Communicate in a way that demonstrates to your teen that you value relationships first and foremost — the one they have with you as a parent and the one they have with God. Be a person that your teen can trust—this is a trait that’s more important for your relationship than anything else. Be available for them to talk unfiltered - and then just listen and empathize. In addition, when we as parents are loving God the right way, it strengthens and feeds our desire to trust Him for the future of our teens. God’s love is far more trustworthy and powerful than even our love as parents. 

Think On This
Consider the last battle or disagreement you had with one of your teen children —were you fighting with them or for them? How can you make battling for your teen’s heart and for the relationship, more of a priority when you disagree? 

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