Photo of Larry
Larry Shantz

Title: Lead Pastor

Email: leadpastoradmin@bethanycc.ca

Sharon and I began our journey at Bethany in July of 1975 as newlyweds. Sharon had just graduated from Western University with her degree in piano and I had just graduated from Wheaton College in Chicago with a... Read More...


Photo of Andrew
Andrew Mills

Title: Teaching Pastor

Email: teachingpastoradmin@bethanycc.ca

Andrew grew up in a pastor’s home coming to know Jesus at a young age. His journey though was anything but straight towards his calling as a pastor, as he rediscovered Jesus at the end... Read More...


Photo of Ed
Ed Sheppard

Title: Executive Director of Administration

Email: ed@bethanycc.ca

Ed grew up in a Christian home with 6 other siblings. His parents were elders in a local Salvation Army Church. He accepted Christ as a young child but as a teen, he rebelled for a short while but upon realization of... Read More...


Photo of Ian
Ian Wood

Title: Ministry Director

Email: ian@bethanycc.ca

Ian is a nearly lifelong resident of St. Catharines having moved from Windsor at an early age. Four years of college in U.S. is his only other significant departure from the Niagara Region. Ian is a “north... Read More...


Photo of Phil
Phil Kaethler

Title: Director of Support and Recovery Ministry

Email: phil@bethanycc.ca

Phil Kaethler came to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ while attending summer camp at Stayner. Through much questioning, exploring and often making mistakes along the way he has come to lean into... Read More...


Photo of Martin
Martin Nieuwets

Title: Director of Youth Ministry

Email: martin@bethanycc.ca

Martin Nieuwets was born in St. Catharines, grew up in Virgil with his parents, his two older brothers and a younger sister and attended a Dutch Christian Reformed Church. When Martin was 7 he saw how his... Read More...


Photo of Jamie
Jamie Reimer

Title: Assistant Director of Youth Ministry/Director of The Landing

Email: jamie@bethanycc.ca

Jamie grew up in Brampton with his parents and three younger brothers. Family and faith in Jesus were significant aspects of life for Jamie and provided so much direction and support through the failures and hopes of... Read More...


Photo of Peter
Peter Roessner

Title: Director of Young Adults

Email: peter@bethanycc.ca

Peter grew up in St Catharines with his parents, and his younger brother & sister who are twins. Together, they attended a Mennonite church in St Catharines. Growing up, Peter was always intrigued with God, but... Read More...


Photo of Laura
Laura Huh

Title: Director of Worship & Arts, Director of BSMA (currently on mat leave)

Email: laura@bethanycc.ca

Laura Shantz was dedicated as an infant at Bethany Community Church and has been attending ever since. Laura has had a love for music since childhood. She started piano lesson at age 5 and was a member of Niagara... Read More...


Photo of Evan
Evan Barrett

Title: Assistant Director of Worship & Arts

Email: evan@bethanycc.ca

bio coming soon!


Photo of Troy
Troy Western

Title: Director of Technical Arts

Email: troy@bethanycc.ca

Troy was born at a very young age in southern Alberta. Bit by bit, he made his way north over the years dreaming of acting, music, writing and travel. Seeking family connections and work... Read More...


Photo of Tim
Tim Tulloch

Title: Director of Sports Ministry

Email: tim@bethanycc.ca

Photo of Mike
Mike Hotson

Title: Director of Group Life & Welcoming Ministry

Email: mike@bethanycc.ca

Mike Hotson was born in St. Catharines and grew up in Lincoln and West Lincoln. Raised in a Christian home, he learned of salvation through Jesus Christ and gave his heart to the Lord when he was five. His parents... Read More...


Photo of Karen
Karen Fletcher

Title: Group Life Administrator

Email: karen@bethanycc.ca

I grew up in a Christian home and at a young age of four was led to have a personal relationship with Christ by my brother who was eight... Read More...


Photo of Patty
Patty Vandekamp

Title: Director of Women's Ministry, Director of Pastoral Care, Assistant to Lead Pastor

Email: patty@bethanycc.ca
Having grown up in a solid, Christian home with a wonderful family, Patty learned to love Jesus at an early age. In 2002, Patty and her family began attending Bethany Church. Her husband Ron and their three children,... Read More...

Photo of Jayne
Jayne Duldner

Title: Director of Children's Ministry

Email: jayne@bethanycc.ca

Jayne first heard about Jesus at a backyard Bible Club when she was 10 years old, firmly making a commitment in her late teens to follow Him as her Lord and Saviour. Since that time, Jayne has been involved in... Read More...


Photo of Jayne
Jayne Tulloch

Title: Assistant Director of Children's Ministry

Email: jaynet@bethanycc.ca
I was born and raised in a Christian home in Northern Ontario. I made a commitment to follow Jesus at 7 years old. As a young married couple my husband, Tim and I began working with young people. Eventually my love for... Read More...

Photo of Dan
Dan Nikkel

Title: Children/Youth Administrator

Email: dan@bethanycc.ca

Bio & pic coming soon!


Photo of Carolyn
Carolyn Wiebe

Title: Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Email: carolyn@bethanycc.ca

Carolyn and her husband, Tom, began attending Bethany right after their marriage in November of 1982 and have enjoyed serving in many areas of ministry. They have four children, Joel, Robyn, Todd and Dale. Carolyn... Read More...


Photo of Dawn
Dawn Jones

Title: Communications Coordinator

Email: dawn@bethanycc.ca
When Dawn first came to Bethany in summer of 2002, it was the first time she had ever attended a church service. In the fall of that year, she made a committment to follow Christ and has been doing her best ever since... Read More...

Photo of Suzanne
Suzanne Hilsden

Title: Communications/Administrative Assistant

Email: suzanne@bethanycc.ca

Suzanne Hilsden was dedicated as an infant at Bethany Community Church and has been attending ever since. She can remember the days in the old church building when she and her friends got in trouble for running up... Read More...


Photo of Kathryn
Kathryn Jehan

Title: Executive Assistant

Email: kathryn@bethanycc.ca

Kathryn began attending Bethany in April 1995 and joined the Bethany Staff as Receptionist/Admin. Assistant in September 2004. She is now the Editor on our Communications Team and is the Admin. Assistant to several... Read More...


Photo of Angel White
Angel White Visser

Title: Facilities & Events Coordinator/Administrative Assistant

Email: angel@bethanycc.ca

Angel was born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario, in a Catholic home. Despite an abusive childhood and broken home, God had plans for Angel. She received Jesus as her personal Saviour at a Mennonite Brethren Youth... Read More...


Photo of Allison
Allison Norg

Title: BSMA Administrator

Email: bsma@bethanycc.ca
Phone: 905-937-5300 (x204)

Allison began attending Bethany in 2005, shortly after moving to St. Catharines for work. She grew up in Brantford in a... Read More...


Photo of Mark
Mark Poitras

Title: Custodian

I’m Mark Poitras and I have been a custodian at Bethany Church since March 2003.

My walk with the Lord began in the summer of 1990 and I was baptized in May 1992. ... Read More...