What is Child Dedication? Child dedication is a special time for parents who have made a personal decision to set a Christian example in their home. We understand that none of us are perfect parents, and that we need God’s help in this very important task of raising our children. Modeling authentic faith is the best gift you can give your child. Child dedication may be a great time to recommit yourself spiritually so that you can better train your child to follow Christ. 

Why Child Dedication? Throughout Jesus’ ministry on earth, people brought children to Him and He blessed them (Mark 10:13-16). Jesus himself was brought by Joseph and Mary to the temple to be blessed (Luke 2:22). Being blessed was an act of dedication, a recognition that the child truly belonged to God.

When you dedicate your child, you as parents are committing to:

  • Publicly affirm your personal faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Pray daily for God’s direction in your life and in the life of your child(ren).

  • Anticipate and seek to lead your child(ren) to a personal faith in Jesus when they are ready and prepare them for baptism.

  • Recognize that your child(ren) belong to God and have been born to serve Him and experience His love.

Bethany Church also promises to help your family by:

  • Praying for you as a family

  • Receiving your child into the spiritual care of this church

  • Reminding you as parent(s) of your continuing responsibility of spiritually caring for your child(ren).

How do I go about dedicating my child at Bethany?

  • Dedications happen during the weekend services serveral times per year. Private dedication is also an option.

  • The week before the dedication, Pastor Larry will meet with the families. At this time you may discuss with Pastor Larry what you plan on presenting at the time of dedication.

Patty Vandekamp
Assistant to Lead Pastor

T: (905) 937-5300 (x203)