First Steps

Visited a few times and wondering what to do next? Are you wondering how best to get connected to others at Bethany?

'A-GLANCE-AT-BETHANY' (All about our ministries)

A chance to pop in, grab a snack, meet our staff and pick up info about any of our ministries that happen here at Bethany. An informal, come-and-go that happens after both Sunday morning services (9 & 10:45 am) several times throughout the year. 

ALPHA (All about Christianity)

This 12-week program, starting in January is designed to offer a safe, non-threatening setting to ask real questions about Christianity. Whether you’re new to the faith, want to rekindle the flame or already consider yourself a committed Christian, we invite you to explore, ask and discuss with us!

BETHANY BASICS (All about Bethany)

A course, offered two times each year, on what Bethany is all about - our mission, purpose, values and beliefs. Covered over several evenings, this course is required for membership, but is useful for all!

MINISTRY BASICS (All about serving)

Do you have a desire to serve, but are unsure of where you are best suited? In this 6-hour course, participants engage in a series of activities and personal inventories causing them to reflect on their passions, spiritual gifts and personal style. With these insights, those with a heart for ministry are more apt to serve in the right places, for the right reasons.

Carolyn Wiebe
Bethany’s Receptionist

T: (905) 937-5300 (x200)