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This weekend, we made some pretty big decisions. We gathered as a church to hear God and discern the future that God is calling us into together. We voted on the role I’ll be playing in that future. We prayed and celebrated all that God has done, honoured the past and envisioned the future.
These are important decisions. These are vital decisions. These are decisions that shape the future of our church, but also specifically my future.
But, that wasn’t actually the biggest decision we made this weekend. The biggest decision happened during our worship services when we were all challenged to choose to follow Jesus Christ. Because, here we believe that the single most important decision anyone can make is to choose to follow Jesus.
This weekend, we opened up our series on The Way of Jesus, looking at our first statement, “I have begun to follow Jesus and am depending on the Spirit in my journey.”

We then looked at Mark 1:15 in which Jesus calls us to repent from our sins and follow Him. And, we unpacked what it looks like to repent and what sin is...

a) To repent isn’t just feeling bad about our decisions; to repent is to make different decisions. It's about changing the way we think, so that we change the way we live.

b) Sin isn’t just about our individual sins, but about all the wrong and brokenness in the world. Sin is the brokenness around us and within us, and Jesus calls us to walk away from that toward Him; toward His kingdom, His life and His love.
With this in mind, we were challenged by this main point, “Choose to journey with Jesus closely today.” That whether you are checking out Jesus, or you have been following Him for decades, we each need to choose to follow Him. That to begin The Way of Jesus, we have to choose to follow Jesus - to take a step.
Regardless of whether we are making that choice for the first time, or we made it years ago (and still need to keep making it), I asked each of us to do three things...

1) Share with someone that you are choosing to follow Jesus and putting him first. You can share it with us - post it on Facebook or Instagram with #findingtheway OR email us at

2) Show up for the next six weeks as we unpack what following Jesus looks like in real life.

3) Start to journey with others, because we can’t do it alone.
To end off our Sunday together, we had our Annual General Meeting. At that AGM (in case you missed it), we not only honoured Larry, but I was honoured by the faith and affirmation of our church here. And, I am so blessed to be able to say that come January 2018, because of your trust and God’s leading, I will be able to serve as your Lead Pastor.
So, lots of great decisions were made - the best, though, is if you decided to follow Jesus. Because, that’s where it all starts.


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